June 24, 2019

The Reason the Way to Heaven Is Peaceful and Smooth

Saru Baskota from Kirtipur, Nepal


One day while preaching the gospel, a childhood friend came to my mind. I really wanted to deliver the good news of salvation to her, but I couldn’t remember how to get to her house. I earnestly prayed to Heavenly Father and Mother to allow me to meet her. Finally, thanks to God’s help, I remembered visiting her house with my mom. Actually, the one who took me to her house was my mom when I was young; she was the child of my mom’s friend.

Several days later, I visited her with my mom. When I arrived at the garden, the memory of playing around in bare feet slowly returned. After spending a good time with each other, we promised to meet again. On my way back home, a question arose.

‘I clearly remembered the place I played with my friend and her house, but why can’t I remember the way to get to her house?’

So I asked my mother and she answered with a smile,

“When you were a child, I carried you on my back wherever I went. It took one to two hours to get to your friend’s house on foot, but you got tired after walking a little bit, so I carried you on my back and you used to fall asleep. When we arrived, you woke up and played with her. I think that’s why you only remember her house and where you played.”

I was sorry to my mother. When there was no convenient public transportation like nowadays, she carried me on her back and walked a long distance to visit my friend’s house back and forth. How tiring it must’ve been for her! But she talked about it with a smile as if it was nothing much.

While recalling what my mother told me at home, I realized the love of God Elohim and became full of feelings. The heavenly country must’ve been full of joy every day with Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. But because of the sins I committed there, I was living on the earth, forgetting the way back to heaven.

God came in the flesh and showed me the way. Just as my mother smiled at me without expressing tiredness even though she was exhausted to carry me on her back a long distance, Heavenly Mother comforts me and says, “Cheer up!” with a bright smile, hiding pain even though She is walking the path of suffering and sacrifice for Her children.

How much Heavenly Mother must have been heartbroken when I turned away from the words of love without considering Her heart in heaven and in this world! I hung my head at the thought that I had caused tremendous pain to Heavenly Mother.

As I could get to my destination peacefully on my mother’s back as a child, Heavenly Mother is carrying the burden of sin on behalf of sinners and walking the thorny path ahead of us, so that our way to heaven is smooth. When we obey the words of God and walk with Mother, we will be able to safely arrive in heaven, our home. Engraving this upon my heart, I will follow Father and Mother wherever They lead me.