The Tomb of Words


Four or five hundred years ago in Korea, there was a village where people were divided into groups with the same family name and argued each other almost every day. Quarrels arouse mostly because of a minor word of someone. One day, a wayfarer passed by and heard the story. He recommended the villagers to build a Tomb of Words. It was to write on paper all the words that caused discord such as lies, harsh words, and the words that pick on or hurt others and to bury them just like having a funeral. After the villagers made the tomb as the wayfarer said, the discord and conflict caused by words disappeared and it became a peaceful village.

“The more you sift flour, the finer it becomes; the more you speak, the rougher words become,” “A small spark can burn up a forest; a word can make your lifetime virtue collapse,” “Kind words enable you to get bread though you went to buy dough,” “If you listen to your parents, you can get rice cake even while sleeping,” …

Today, sayings about words are engraved on the rocks around the Tomb of Words. Before you say something, examine it once more if the words should be buried in your heart?