Treasure Hunt Continues Every Day

Hazel Marie Victoriano Bonitillo from Iloilo, Philippines


People live for what they believe is valuable. The most valuable thing in my life was money. Probably because I grew up in a poor family, I believed that having economic strength was the most important thing in life. When I was in university, I constantly looked for a job to earn money.

One day, I was sitting on a campus bench while waiting for my next class. Two Koreans were walking towards me, so I thought that they were going to ask me something. They did ask me a question though it was a question that I couldn’t answer.

“Have you ever heard about Heavenly Mother?”

Starting with that simple but mysterious question, they explained to me a lot of teachings of the Bible. They explained what was definitely in the Bible, but it was hard to believe though I was seeing it with my own eyes and hearing it with my own ears. Being confused, I asked an acquaintance who knew the Bible better than me. I also went to her pastor and asked him questions. However, they could not explain even one thing properly. When I saw them talking incoherently with nonsense explanations, I could see where the truth was, and accepted Heavenly Father and Mother from my heart.

After that, my life changed. I felt thankful all the time just for the fact that I came to know the truth, and I also felt the joy of dedicating myself to the gospel with brothers and sisters, as well as the joy of serving other people. My standard of happiness was not money anymore. I realized that what could raise the quality of my life was not money, but love, and that love was given by God infinitely.

Preaching, which was to follow God’s example, was like a treasure hunt. I sinned in heaven, but God regarded me as a precious treasure, came down to this earth, and found me. Following God’s example, I also tried to find our brothers and sisters who are like treasures.

It wasn’t always joyful to lead a soul to the truth. Many times, my heart ached; everything seemed so difficult, and I felt like giving up on everything. Whenever that happened, I tried to pull myself together, thinking of Father and Mother. When I thought about the grace of God who sacrificed Himself to save me from the everlasting pain of death, it was shameful to give up because of a little difficulty.

The little pain that I had to endure to bear fruit of the gospel was completely gone as I bore fruit. I met a young adult when the sun was setting, and she wanted to learn the Bible more after hearing about Heavenly Mother. When I invited her to our church, she willingly accepted my invitation and became a child of God.

I was worried that she might waver in faith because of rumors or hindrances, as I always used to be when I bore fruit. However, contrary to my concern, she constantly studied the Word, grew up in faith, and became a gospel worker under the protection of Heavenly Father and Mother.

Brother Ronnie is also one of the heavenly family members God allowed me to meet. I met him while preaching on the Sabbath day. As soon as he heard the truth, he received it. He obeys God’s word no matter what. He lives far from Zion, so it is hard for him to take a jeepney (a popular form of public transportation in the Philippines) after the evening service.

Sometimes, he has to wait for a few hours to be able to go home, but he never complains about his circumstances. He gives thanks to God every day, and keeps God’s law joyfully. When I see him do that, I feel so happy.

I believe that God asks us to preach the Word diligently because there are souls who long for the truth everywhere. It is still not easy to lead a soul, but I cannot stop preaching because I know how lovely and beautiful the heavenly family members are when we find them after overcoming many obstacles. Following the path of Father and Mother, I’m experiencing a little bit of Their sacrifice, and tremendous blessings are piled up for me in heaven. Preaching is truly a treasure hunt.

Father and Mother have granted me this blessing. How thankful I am!

Thinking of the grace God has given me every day, I would like to shine God’s glory on all the islands of the Philippines. I will not just want that, but make clear goals and fulfill them one by one. Many times, I failed to accomplish the goals I made, but I will not repeat the same mistake. For that, I have to overcome myself first. Asking Father and Mother for wisdom to realize what I need to fill myself with and what I need to throw away, I will try hard to be reborn as a better gospel worker.

Hoping that I will be a good daughter who can please God and that Father and Mother will smile when They think of me, I go out for a treasure hunt today, too.