November 19, 2020

Unless We Train Ourselves


When a world-famous singer had a performance in Korea, all the audience there felt disappointed and even upset. They had bought expensive tickets in order to listen to her live performance that would touch their hearts with her outstanding singing ability, but her voice was unstable and so weak that the audience at the back couldn’t even hear her. It was because she appeared on stage without enough practice.

Even if you were good at and used to something, if you try it again in a long time, it’s awkward. Even if you were skilful at a certain instrument, if you don’t practice for a long time, your fingers will not move properly. Even if you exercised hard for a year and built up muscles, you may lose it in a month unless you keep exercising.

Whether it is music, exercise, or study, you can manage your ability through constant training. It is the same with our life of faith. Even if someone had good faith before, if he does not pray, study the word of God, and put into practice teachings of God, he cannot help but grow away from his godly self as times goes by; someday, he may find it awkward as if he has never done such things before and cannot even think of trying again.

Let us train ourselves to be godly every day. That is the only way to remain to the end as God’s children who will enter the kingdom of heaven.