Wake Up Your Family in a Good Mood


How do you usually get up? Some people get up at once when the alarm sounds, while others barely open their eyes after the alarm sounds several times as a heavy sleeper. Also there are some people who dally in bed and spring to their feet, surprised to know that it’s past the wake-up time.

It’s not easy to wake up from sleep as a saying goes, “Even a champion wrestler cannot lift up his sleepy eyes.” Also, while sleeping quietly, if you are forced to open your eyes due to noise or physical shock, you may become irritable or feel heavy. However, if you open your eyes in a good mood, hearing someone’s soft voice or a light massage, you will feel good and have the strength to start the day lively.

This month, take on the role of an “alarm” for your family so that they can get up in a good mood. In particular, it is known that children’s brain is more awake to their mother’s voice than warning sounds, so make their heavy eyes open wide with the power of family love.

Use friendly voices and positive words when waking up your family.
Play your family’s favorite music.
Pat their back or gently massage their whole body.
If they can’t wake up at once, wait a little and let them know how much time has passed.
Wake them up with a lively and pleasant morning greeting.
Make a call to wake up your family member who lives away from home.
Set a period of time and check who plays the role of “alarm” the most.