Wisdom Learned from Cows


What happens when a cow and a horse fall into a pond? Both manage to swim to the shore, but the horse, with its stronger strength, gets out much faster than the cow.

But what if it’s a flood or a swift current situation? The cow comes out alive, but sadly, the horse doesn’t. It’s said that the strong and skilled swimmer, the horse, exhausts itself desperately trying to swim against the current and eventually drowns, while the cow just floats along with the water and calmly walks out when it reaches shallow ground. From this situation comes the saying “The cow lives, the horse dies,” which means that sometimes it’s wiser to wait patiently with humility rather than relying solely on one’s own strength and acting recklessly.

Similarly, there’s a saying “A cow’s pace covers a thousand miles,” which means that with determination and without haste, one can reach their destination steadily without faltering. There’s indeed much to learn from the steady and gentle nature of cows.