Keep Your Happiness with Language Etiquette!


Just as there are driving manners on the road, table manners, and dress codes, which are adjusted to the occasion, there is also etiquette for speaking.

You will not be punished for not observing etiquette for dining and dressing. However, in the case of driving, if you do not consider other drivers’ perspectives and drive carelessly, the risk of an accident will follow.

Likewise, if you do not keep your language etiquette, you may have a warning sign on the peace of your family. If you regard your child speaking impolitely as an outgoing personality and if you speak ill-manneredly with your family members because of intimacy with them, it can cause discomfort and discord and lead to an irreversible consequence.

This month, let us try to use more polite language than usual. Habits are essential to etiquette. Happy conversation and family’s harmony originate from polite language.

Use correct title and proper name.
Abstain from slang, fad words, swear words, and excessive jokes.
Do not call a nickname that your family hates.
Remember that if the word you say is good, then the word coming back at you is good.
Speak warmly to someone younger than you.
Speak politely to someone older than you.
Speak respectfully to your spouse.
Listen carefully when someone is speaking.