Express Your Mind with a Pen!


Handwriting is one of the cultures that gradually disappear due to the popularization of computers and smart phones. As keyboard or touch screen enables you to easily send messages and letters, people rarely use a pen or a pencil these days. However, handwriting with great care will move the other person more than using convenient digital letters. A handwritten letter has a positive effect on the writer as well as the recipient. A research shows that a person who frequently handwrites letters has higher affection for the other person.

This month, let us take up a pen for our precious family. A letter, card, note, postcard, calligraphy, and anything is good. While writing a letter word by word, you will feel more relaxed and your affection for the other person, too, will deepen.

Put a note in the lunch box of your family or give it with snacks.
Write a cheering note for your family and place it in an open place.
Make cards with your family and write on the cards for each other.
Say “Thank you” and “Hello” through a hand-written letter to your family members who are living away from home.
Set a time to write “a rolled letter” with your family.
Draw a simple picture on the handwritten letter.
Make a home mailbox to give and take letters at home.
Keep the letters you received from your family safe in one place.