Present a Gift Without Spending Money!


When it comes to a gift, you think of a box wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a ribbon. However, a gift is not always put in a box. A gift is to bring joy and happiness to someone, expressing your thanks and love. So if you present joy and happiness to someone, it can be an excellent gift, like a cool wind, a blooming flower, and a rainbow in the sky that nature presents us freely.

People say that what is essential is invisible to the eye and cannot be bought with money. This month, find out what is essential, and give it to your family!

Try out these gifts for your family: For your family, write letters or poems, draw pictures, make crafts with recycled materials, read good writings, sing songs by changing lyrics, make cute gestures, give a generous compliment, lead to beautiful nature, walk your family to the door when they leave, come out to meet them when they come home, help them before being asked, use warm words, express love, help them recover from fatigue at the end of the day, and so on.