December 25, 2019

Worthwhile Time


There was a man who enjoyed fishing at night. After work when it was the best time to relax, he hit the dusky road with a sandwich and fishing tackle in his hands. Sometimes there was no fish biting all night, but he didn’t care at all. Even if he caught a lot of fish, he gave them all to his neighbors. Seeing him doing that, his wife asked with a puzzled look:

“Honey, didn’t you spend several hours to catch those fish? If you give them all away, why do you go fishing? Why don’t you just rest at home?”

Then he replied, “When I was young, my dad used to take me night fishing. Stars in the night sky shone beautifully; and until fish started biting, my dad told me many stories in a low gentle voice. I don’t want to forget those good memories. If I can remember him through this, it is all worthwhile.”