Show Your Smile!


Aristotle said, “No animal but man ever laughs.” Sometimes, animals too look like laughing but actually they do not laugh. Although they have family love like maternal love and paternal love, they cannot give a warm smile to their family.

Come to think of it, that’s a great blessing for us to be able to show our laugh and smile to others as well as to our loving family. Without laughter, our home, school, and society will be very dreary.

Laughter is contagious. When a dad laughs, his children laugh; when children laugh, their mom laughs. It doesn’t matter who laughs first; if one laughs, everyone will laugh in the end. Do not wait for someone else to laugh first. Show your smile first!

Smile brightly at your family when you wake up in the morning.
Put a photo or small item that makes your family laugh in a prominent place.
Speak with a smile when you ask your family a favor.
Accept with a smile when your family asks you a favor.
Smile at your family with no particular reason.
Comfort your family with a smile for a mistake.
When a family member goes out, send him or her off with a smile.
When a family member comes home, welcome him or her with a smile.
When a family member gets tired, comfort him or her with a smile.