Happy Concert With Family and Neighbors in Seoul, Incheon, and Yeongcheon

Providing Warm Comfort and Emotion to the Local Community Through Music


November 12, 2023 2155 Views

The Church of God held a series of concerts to convey warmth and emotion to communities through music. Starting with the Church of God in Dongdaemun, Seoul on October 18, the concert was held at the Church in Geomdan, Incheon, on the 29th and in Yeongcheon on November 12. About 2,400 people attended the event held at the three churches, including people from various fields such as education, medicine, and culture as well as local church members and citizens.

At the Churches in Dongdaemun and Yeongcheon, the chamber orchestra, composed of members of the Messiah Orchestra of the Church of God and members of local churches, presented a rich sound with various instruments such as violin, cello, flute, and clarinet. At the Church in Geomdan, 27 young people and students who were active in the church’s own chamber orchestra took on the role as performers and showcased the songs they had been continuously practicing.

The concert included the New Song of the Church of God, “Today, I Go to Zion,” Eric Satie’s waltz “Je te veux (I Want You),” Chopin’s “Etude Op.10 No.12 ‘Revolution,’ ” and the insert song of the movie “Cinema Paradiso,” the children’s song “Mom, Sister,” and Shostakovich’s “Waltz No.2.” The beautiful and familiar melodies were conveyed vividly, feeling touchable due to the close proximity of the audience and musicians. The passionate performance, from the ensemble to the piano solo, captivated the audience. The choir, which performed the New Song, “There Is Only Heaven in My Heart,” and the fusion Korean traditional music song “Beautiful Country” also received great applause. Even after the concert ended, lingering emotions persisted with encores erupting from the audience.

Kim Won-ju (from Yeongcheon) said that three generations of her family, including her mother and her children attended. “There are few opportunities to experience a concert like this where the concert is live. I was so happy to enjoy a variety of songs that encompassed not only me but all generations, from children to mothers,” she said with a smile. Shin Han-ul (from Incheon), who played the violin, said, “It was my first time playing an instrument, so there were a lot of difficulties, but I learned a lot about being considerate and harmonious with each other during the practice process. My friend came to cheer me up today, and I hope he gains strength from the music.”

Baek Jong-geol, Principal of Seongnam Girls’ Middle School (in Yeongcheon), who had served as the orchestra leader at his school, remarked, “The warm atmosphere was impressive, and both the song selection considering the audience and the performance skills were of high quality. I think it will be great educationally as well.” Kim Yong-ho, Dongdaemun District Councilor in Seoul, said, “In a harsh society where there is little communication between neighbors, the Church has provided a platform for an open culture where people can interact with each other and comfort together. It fulfills its positive function as a religion.”