March 10, 2019

Be Conscious of God

Short-Term Mission Team to Swakopmund, Namibia


In mid-November, the Namibia Zion in Africa planned a three-day short-term mission trip. The place we went to was Swakopmund, the second largest city in Namibia. Although we had our jobs and studies, we willingly volunteered for the mission. Those who could not go supported us with what was needed for the mission, wanting to participate in the gospel work of God.

The short-term mission was prepared smoothly, but there was one thing that we were worried about: Most members received the truth less than a year ago, and a sister started her life of faith only five months ago. We were proud of the new members who were passionate, but at the same time worried if they would not do well during the short-term mission due to their lack of experience in preaching. Then we read a sermon titled Be Conscious of God.

“When people see a tree that has produced lots of fruit, they tend to pay attention to its visible fruit and branches but neglect to think about the invisible root’s role and influence. . . . No tree can support life or bear fruit if it has no root, however strong its branches may be. . . . Whether we achieve something or not depends totally on God, not on our own abilities and wisdom. So we should always think of God first in everything, and understand that God presides over the world and leads all peoples and nations. Then we will be able to fulfill all our plans for the gospel and achieve the goal we have set.”

While reading the sermon, we were greatly moved and convinced that although we lacked experience in faith, we would surely obtain good results when we relied on God. The members read the sermon together and set the goal of bearing abundant fruit by relying on God who is the root of our faith and who supplies ability and strength to us.

On the first day of the mission, we started from Windhoek, the capital city, at 4 a.m. and arrived at Swakopmund after four hours and thirty minutes. As soon as we unpacked our baggage and started preaching, good news was heard. A lady who was heading home from a supermarket was very pleased to hear about Heavenly Mother and asked how she could be blessed by Heavenly Mother. Sister Emma, who became a child of God right away, really liked the Bible study and asked many questions. She loved the word of God and was really a heavenly family member whom we met after six thousand years.

After meeting up with Sister Emma, we met a couple next door to the place where we were to gather. The husband, who heard the words of the Bible, said, “A little while ago, I was talking with my wife that we should seek God, and you came. I believe that you did not just come to our house by your will but by God’s will.”

When we asked if they wanted to receive God’s salvation, the wife answered, “Yes,” without hesitation. Sister Roland, who accepted the truth, laughed so brightly and told us that she felt so free like a little child. Her husband, who looked at her with a smile, called us the next evening and said he too wanted to become the child of God the Father and God the Mother, and asked if we could come. Brother John and Sister Roland, who met God they had been seeking for, attended the Third-day worship service with happy faces.

After hearing the truth about Heavenly Mother, Sister Gregencia couldn’t hold back tears of joy until the holy ceremony was finished. Looking at her, I resolved to spread the word of God without rest to find the brothers and sisters who are waiting for the news of salvation somewhere like her.

Some new members not only heard the truth but also told it to their families and relatives and received salvation together. Brother Steven heard the truth a few years ago, but he was not interested at that time. However, hearing the truth this time, he led his family and relatives, a total of eight souls, to be blessed with a new life. Brother Bartlett, realizing that disasters pass over us when we keep the Passover, went to his son and daughter in a hurry and encouraged them to receive the truth. Brother Bartlett is already as good as a gospel worker.

We found twenty-one brothers and sisters in just three days in Swakopmund. As we saw the new members receiving the truth as if they had waited, we realized that it is God who truly fulfills the work of redemption, not us.

Just as the roots absorb water and nutrients and supply them to the branches so that they can bear fruit, God added to each of us the power we needed to let us find our lost family members. Through this short-term mission, we reflected on ourselves who had been relying on our ability when doing the gospel work. We’d forgotten God who always helps and strengthens us. We repented of our past and renewed our commitment to the gospel work.

We will always think of God first and rely on God to fulfill the gospel work in Africa because it is God who completes the redemption work and gives salvation to the world. Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, please give us the power of the Holy Spirit so that we can have gracious and fruitful gospel results!