March 10, 2019

The Beautiful Gospel Work in La Paz

Tijuana, Mexico


The members in Tijuana and I had longed to participate in a short-term mission. God knew our minds and opened the way to preach in La Paz. We were very happy to hear the news. Fervor welled up in all of us at the thought that we were participating in the great work of God through the short-term mission.

Tijuana is located in the northern tip of Baja California and borders the United States, and La Paz appears when you continue down toward the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula from Tijuana. After driving eighteen hours without stopping, we arrived in the beautiful city, La Paz.

On the first day of the mission trip, many people listened to the gospel seriously and were amazed, but no one received a new life. I was agonized since I had no fruit even though I preached for quite many hours. When I became more and more earnest, a lady approached Sister Lia and me. When the lady heard about Heavenly Mother and the truth of the Passover, she accepted the blessing of salvation without hesitation. The mission team and the local members were all excited.

The next day, many people showed interest in the words of God and we preached more eagerly. There were many adversities, including the extremely hot weather, but nothing could break our will to fulfill the mission given by God.

In less than one week, thirty-eight beautiful souls received a new life. On the day of the Third-day service, the church was full that there was no room left, and the miracle of new life continued. It was a beautiful miracle.

The new members were moved to tears with happiness, listening to the sermon during the Third-day service. Seeing many new members filled with joy through the water of life God Elohim granted, I too received much grace. The brothers and sisters tried to walk the path of faith according to the teachings of God; it was phenomenal to see the prophecy of the Bible, which I only knew in the literal sense, being fulfilled. Everyone must be a child of God.

When it was time to say goodbye to the members in La Paz, surprisingly a sister, who just received the truth, said, “We’ll find our lost brothers and sisters in La Paz quickly.” It was really amazing to see God quickly appointing the warriors of the gospel and solidifying the La Paz Zion. We were very happy to be able to fulfill God’s will by preaching in La Paz. When we were parting from them in La Paz, I was able to fathom the pain of Heavenly Mother, who had to be separated from Her children.

I give thanks to Heavenly Father and Mother for sending me to La Paz to preach the beautiful gospel. There is no word to fully express my gratitude for allowing me to preach at the ends of the earth.

Father and Mother, please bless many souls in Mexico to come to You and become great gospel workers!