Faith Blooming after a Long Wait

Kim Mi-ja from Seoul, Korea


One fine day in May, we set up a booth on the street and delivered the news articles about the Church of God, which were featured in newspapers and magazines. Many passersby showed interest in it, and one of them was an old gentleman who worked as a security guard at an apartment complex. He showed interest, saying he had never heard about the Church of God, and asked us to visit him at work.

A few days later, we went to see him. However, he wasn’t happy with our visit because he had some misunderstanding about our church after hearing false information from the people around him. It was sad, but we had no choice but to leave.

Several months later, we remembered him while passing by the apartment complex where he worked, and we visited him again. He was happy to see us, unlike before. He talked to us about his problems with his life of faith, which he had not told anyone before. It seemed that he had been thinking about it a lot. He said he had tried many different denominations, being afraid that God might say that He never knew him on the Judgment Day. But wherever he went, he was disappointed that people were interested in secular things more than the salvation of their souls. Thinking God would never stay in such a place, he read the Bible alone and prayed to God to help him find the church where the true God dwells.

As he always read the Bible, he had many questions. We explained to him the truth, starting from the truth that Sunday worship is not in the Bible. He was a little confused at first because he had been keeping it. However, after studying church history and the Bible, he agreed with the seventh-day Sabbath. When we explained to him about Jesus’ second coming according to the prophecy of David, he refused to accept it as he thought God could not come as a man. After seeing the testimony of the Bible, however, he acknowledged it. Then in early winter, he received God Elohim. “I like the Church of God because it keeps the Sabbath day and the Passover, and it doesn’t have a cross and teaches the truth about the Second Coming Jesus,” he said. During baptism, he got teary-eyed and said, “I’m so thankful that God grants a new life to a sinner like me.” We, too, were moved to tears.

After baptism, he came to Zion to study the Bible every day and kept the Sabbath as well until he quit his job. He realized many things through the Truth Books and sermons, and a few months ago he brought one of his co-workers to Zion who had stopped going to a Protestant church and had only been praying because of his busy work. He came to Zion a few times to study the truth. Soon, he too was reborn as a child of God.

The two elderly brothers did not lose faith in God but stood firm in their faith until the last stage of their lives, and their faith is finally blooming in the Church of God. They always try to live according to God’s will and preach to their families and acquaintances, saying that they should go to heaven together. Their earnestness moves me deeply and makes my heart flutter. There are still so many people in the world who are longing for God’s word. I will walk the gospel path more earnestly to find all of the lost souls without missing any of them.