March 10, 2019

Finding Brothers and Sisters Who Are Filled with the Fervor for the Truth

Damak, Nepal


The State of Arunachal Pradesh in India is located 1,100 km [680 miles] east of Damak, Nepal. Its majority is the Mishmu tribe who has been living there since long ago. You may feel like you are in a different planet when you face their new language, culture, and tradition. In the age when the light of the gospel is being preached in Samaria and to the ends of the earth, this state are being cultivated by a brother who moved here to preach to his family and relatives. His family members realized the Spirit and the Bride, the Saviors in this age, preached boldly, and led many souls who were eager for the words of truth into the arms of Heavenly Mother. The house church led many precious members, and now has grown into the Rohit Office Church under the blessings of Heavenly Mother.

Leaving to keep the Passover with the members of the Rohit Office Church, I made up my mind to make this longest trip in my life as a good memory of the gospel work. After the long journey of five hours by car and another twenty-four hours by train, we arrived at the Rohit Office Church. It was touching when the members, who accepted the truth not so long ago, realized the love of Heavenly Father and Mother and gathered early in Zion to preach the gospel. The members tried to save even one more soul before the Passover; it was so beautiful.

While preaching with a determination to find all our lost brothers and sisters without missing a single person with one mind, we met a man named James.

Although attending a Protestant church for seven years, he had been groaning with spiritual thirst. Hearing that we have Heavenly Mother, he came to Zion and studied the Bible until late at night. Then he became a child of God right away. To our surprise, he preached to his family and relatives when he went back home. Being filled with the fervor for the gospel, the brother led his relatives to Zion day after day, forgetting his tiredness from his work for the whole day. Seeing the brother engrave the word of God, saying Amen loudly, I could feel how much his soul had been waiting for our Heavenly Father and Mother.

God saw his beautiful mind and allowed him to lead his two younger brothers to Zion. On the day he said the other family members too had to be saved, he preached the truth by taking time despite his busy schedule, and his mother and his younger sister became the members of our heavenly family. The day before I came back to Damak, the brother preached until dawn to his friend, his son-in-law, and neighbors whom he had not yet preached about the Passover, and eight people were led to salvation the next day.

Not only Brother James but also the other new members studied the Bible every day until late at night despite their tiredness after work. Seeing them, I thought those who our Father tried to find by crossing mountains and rivers must be like these members. They bear beautiful fruits with enthusiasm to show even one more Bible verse that they had engraved upon their hearts even though they lacked abilities to testify to the truth.

Two weeks passed quickly and twenty-two members were blessed with a new life. I believe all these were done thanks to the endless prayer of our Heavenly Mother. I give thanks to Father and Mother for allowing us to lead many souls to Zion for the short but gracious period of time.