With the Heart of Love and Mercy

Jeong Gyeong-hui from Uijeongbu, Korea


I would like to share my realization that I had while leading two souls to Zion.

My younger sister and I received the truth around the same time, and the first person we wanted to share God’s blessings with was our mother. As she had been faithfully attending a Protestant church for decades, I assumed she would immediately realize the truth once I preached the truth to her. Contrary to my expectation, however, she said she never wanted to move to another church, though she acknowledged our faith; she did not even let us say a word about church. However, we could not give up on her—our loving mother. Whenever we met her, we made every effort to preach even a part of God’s word to her. Whether she knew our heart or not, her mind was closed even more tightly as time went by. Fourteen years passed just like that; we cried a lot because she was so coldhearted and indifferent to our feelings.

While I was spending my time in disappointment without being able to do anything to lead her to Zion, something came up unexpectedly, and I had to live together with my parents. That was when I began to realize how hard my mother had been working to take care of my father sick in bed. She did not express her tiredness, but as I watched closely what she was doing, I realized that she had suffered so much. My resentment towards her melted away, and I really wanted to comfort her; meanwhile, the “Father’s True Heart” Exhibition was opened. Hoping that she would get a break from caring for my father, my sister and I invited her to visit the exhibition together. It would be more correct to say that we badgered her into going with us.

There is a saying that goes, “Sincerity moves heaven.” When I recall the moment when my mother went out to visit the exhibition that day, it still feels like a dream. She said she would just see the exhibition, but she even received the blessing of being a child of God after joyfully chatting with some of our Zion members and learning the Bible as well. My sister was the one who had been with our mother throughout the exhibition. According to her, our mother accepted the truth without any hesitation; she was a completely different person than she used to be. She came to God after such a long wait. It led me into thinking, ‘If I had only felt resentful and disappointed with her, would she have opened her heart?’

Absolutely not. I was ashamed that I once felt disappointed with her for not understanding my heart, instead of trying to understand her situation. From now on, I will try to be more considerate and understanding of my mother. I want to walk the path of faith together with her, loving and serving her even more.

The next person I want to talk about is the owner of a bakery where I worked for a while a few years ago. I was so thankful to him for always taking good care of his employees that I invited him to “Our Mother” Writing and Photo Exhibition which was held at Zion nearby. He willingly accepted my invitation, and he was amazed by the exhibition and also by the fact that the Church of God was established all over the world. From that day on, he showed interest in our church news and the truth, but he hesitated coming to our church, saying that he could not abandon the Confucian lifestyle. Meanwhile, I had to stop working in the bakery due to some health problems, so I could no longer see him. I wanted to keep in touch with him, but there was nothing I could do. I thought I would never be able to meet him again, but thankfully, I recovered soon, and one day I came across a help-wanted ad at the bakery. I felt that if I successfully got back to work there, God must have willed it. With a trembling heart, I called the bakery, and the boss gladly told me to come back to work.

He calmly talked about what had happened to him for the last two years. He asked me about life after death, saying that life is meaningless. Hearing his story made my heart ache. I taught him God’s word through the Bible, wishing that he would find true comfort in the arms of Heavenly Father and Mother. He studied God’s word more carefully than before, and a few months later he eventually received the truth. From then on, he tried to obey whatever God said, and attended every worship service faithfully. While doing so, he grew in faith and let go of all Confucian traditions and customs. He gives thanks to God every day, and now he has a wish, which is to lead his children to the truth. I believe that God will surely fulfill his wish if he earnestly prays to God, having faith in God’s promise of help.

Seeing how the two souls, whom I really wanted to be saved together, have come to God, I realize many things: People’s closed minds will be opened and their frozen hearts will melt someday if I continue to share God’s love with them, taking pity on their souls and trying to understand their situations and thoughts, instead of putting my own desires first.

God is never too late though He may seem slow, and He holds me fast though it may feel like He has let go of me. I start my day with gratitude, looking forward to what touching story God will let me hear today.