March 22, 2019

The Reason That God Allowed a New and Beautiful Temple

London, U.K.


London Zion has recently moved to a new location where we could accommodate more brothers and sisters in the London area. Giving thanks to God for Their grace, the young adult preaching members of London Zion made the determination to preach harder even late at night, to fill the new Zion Father and Mother have given us. One night, during the weekday, as it is common in the UK, there were not many people in the streets around. However, believing Mother would send us to our lost brothers and sisters, we went out to preach. We saw a young lady walking fast on the opposite side of the road. We asked her, “Have you ever heard about God the Mother?” To our amazement, she said, “Yes, because I used to go to the Church of God!”

It turned out that she used to go to the Church of God in Manchester many years ago, but after a short period of time, she had completed her studies and there were various circumstances and changes in her life. As the time went by, she lost contact with the Church of God members. In recent years, she has tried to look for Zion. However, Mother must have known her anxious heart longing for Zion, and now Heavenly Mother moved Zion ten minutes walk from the sister’s house. Now she is keeping every worship day. We pray that she will become a great gospel worker in London. When I come to think of it, I am so grateful to our Heavenly Father and Mother for letting us go preaching that day, even though we knew there were not many people in the street. She said her soul had been feeling so empty without coming to Zion.

In the United Kingdom, about half of the population do not consider themselves as believing in any religion, though most of them are going to churches. Their hearts are as hard as stone when they hear the words such as the Bible, God, church or the soul. They immediately relate to the man-made teachings in most Christian churches they have experienced. Also, Christianity is a subject in school. They have given up on faith, as their questions could not be answered and they felt no love, nor filled their spiritual emptiness. It is very sad because they have never been seen, nor heard, nor imagine how precious the truth is, which has been delivered by Heavenly Father and Mother through the words of the Bible. I want to continue to preach to them until they realize the true Savior in the Bible and come back into Mother’s arms.

We believe that Father and Mother have already prepared many precious souls around London Zion, which is why Father and Mother have given us a new and beautiful sanctuary in London. I am so excited to meet the rest of our heavenly brothers and sisters who have been appointed for eternal life in London.