Overcoming Prejudice

Song Yu-mi from Tijuana, Mexico


One day, I was on my way to Zion with a sister to make preparations for the upcoming Sabbath day. Meanwhile, we came across a middle-aged lady waiting for her child in front of an elementary school. We approached her to deliver God’s word, yet thinking, ‘She’ll probably say she doesn’t have time to listen because her child will soon come out.’

Contrary to my expectation, she was willing to listen to God’s word. She fixed her eyes on the Bible. When her child came out of her school, she told her daughter to wait for her in the school for a while and continued to pay attention to our message. Learning about the existence of God the Mother, she gave us her contact details, saying she wanted to study the Bible more, and went home with her daughter.

We sent her a thank you message for listening to our preaching, but we were still in doubt.

‘Maybe she was just being kind, without really being interested in the Bible.’

A moment later, she sent us a voice message:

“What you showed me through the Bible was interesting. I give lectures on life to many people. But I have little knowledge of the Bible, and I want to study it this time.”

She was eager to learn the Bible at every opportunity. I was ashamed of myself because I had prejudice. As she started studying the Bible in earnest, she realized the value of God’s blessing and received a new life. Her husband and daughter, too, received a new life as well.

Though she has just started to live the life of faith, she makes every effort to put into practice the teachings of the Bible. Praying to God has also become part of her daily life. Sometimes, other brothers and sisters around her leave her alone, so that she can focus on her prayer. She sets a good example to other members by trying to obey even the smallest teaching of God. Especially, I have learned so much from her. I, too, will fearlessly and faithfully preach the truth to find our lost heavenly family members.