Purpose of Preaching

Ann Marie Moralda from Cebu, Philippines


After receiving a position for the gospel in Zion, I wanted to show a good example to the members by bearing good fruits. My hope to bear fruit got stronger after I received the blessing of meeting Heavenly Mother as a member of the 68th Overseas Visiting Group. But I had no fruit even after two years later, which depressed me in spirit.

At the beginning of the year, I heard Mother say we must proclaim the Savior of this age by blowing the trumpet of the gospel clearly and loudly. Listening to this teaching of Mother, I thought about what kind of mindset and attitude I should have in preaching the gospel for the year.

In the meantime, our church had to go out to support a branch church. I kept Mother’s words in my heart and reaffirmed my determination. Then the spring feasts came.

Through this feasts, God refreshed my faith. While keeping the Feast of Unleavened Bread, I realized the sacrifice of Heavenly Father who had walked this gospel path all alone in order to save His children. I was ashamed of myself when I thought about whether I had been searching for our lost heavenly family members with an anxious heart like Father did. I was doing the gospel work in order to just bear fruit, without earnestness to find my lost brothers and sisters who were dying. I really thought I should fix this and preach God’s sacrifice and grace, so that our lost heavenly family members would be quickly led to Zion.

Two days later, I met one of our heavenly lost family members. I never knew this day would be my turning point in my life of faith. That day, I went out to preach with the members after work as usual. But even after one or two hours later, there was no one who listened to the words of God.

O my dear brother, I miss you so much. Where are you? What are you doing? . . . In the depths of the darkness, are you still wandering, my dear? Whoever I meet, I ask him if he’s my brother who was lost from heaven.

I started to sing a New Song out of nowhere and tears rolled down my cheeks. I was so sure that there must be our brothers and sisters crying under their breath in pain, without knowing that our Heavenly Parents came to this earth, but nobody was listening. I really hoped that whoever I got to preach to would be my brother or sister whom God was looking for.

Then I saw a person coming out of coffee shop. I went up to him and asked him:

“Have you ever heard about Jesus’ new name?”

I could tell he was confused, but he seemed interested at the same time. He followed us to Zion right away and accepted the One who came with a new name in this age. He is Brother Kane. Just in a week, Brother Kane invited three of his friends to Zion; he bore fruits. One of them is Brother Alexis. He led another soul into Mother’s arms after ten days. Brother Kane and Alexis are actively preaching the gospel at their campuses. Moreover, I was blessed to accomplish the mission of ten talents by bearing many more fruits afterwards.

Looking at those brothers, I realized an important thing: The purpose of preaching isn’t just simply bearing fruits, but finding our lost brothers and sisters. The reason Mother has told us to be bold when we preach is also because when we preach the gospel of the kingdom loud and clear, all Her heavenly children scattered around the world can listen to it and be saved. I will obey Her word and find my lost brothers and sisters by blowing the trumpet of the gospel loud and clear.