March 10, 2019

Time to Realize the Heart of Mother

Huacho, Peru


Before participating in the mission trip to Cartagena in Colombia, I didn’t have the mind to care for other souls. I didn’t know the value of one soul and only preached the gospel with a sense of duty. I didn’t feel anything even though I didn’t have any fruit; even though I had an appointment with someone who was interested in the truth, I easily forgot about the person if it was difficult to meet up, and didn’t look for the person. I was really a foolish child.

When I got to know that there was recruitment for preaching to a new region in Zion, I earnestly wanted to participate because I thought it would become a chance for me to be changed. I was sure that it would be the chance to make a new resolution in my life of faith. I made a goal to participate in the short-term mission trip during the university vacation and finally was on the way for the trip.

On the mission day, we got on the plane for the first time. We were greatly moved when the Zion brothers and sisters saw us off and cheered for us. We prayed to God to be able to fulfill the mission and come up to the expectations of the brothers and sisters who were praying.

When we arrived in Cartagena, Colombia, the unbearable hot weather was waiting for us. Though I grew up in a hot city of Peru, the heat there was much stronger. I ruminated on the gospel mission so that the heat would not become the obstacle to the gospel mission.

When I was starting to preach, I thought I would quickly meet the children of God, but God Elohim had another plan for me. After delivering the truth, I came to care for other souls sincerely. I didn’t forget anyone and cared for them. If I couldn’t make any contacts with them, I called them again and visited them. When my mind was starting to change, Heavenly Father and Mother let me have appointments with the people whom I was preaching to.

There was a university student who was on the way home after class. He was surprised that Heavenly Father came a second time and God the Mother is with us on the earth. He said he would visit us to study more the next day. He really came as he had said, and became a child of God Elohim after learning the words of the truth. I felt a great joy for the first time, and thanked God for allowing me to bear a precious fruit.

Another person I had an appointment with was a professor at a university. She realized the Second Coming Christ and Heavenly Mother from the beginning of the Bible study. The day before we were returning to Peru, she was surprised to know that the truth of God had been changed, while studying the prophecies in the books of Daniel and of Revelation. When we showed the picture of Heavenly Father who rescued us from the spiritual Babylon with the truth of the new covenant, the professor said, “He is God the Father.” It moved me to tears. At that moment, I came to understand how happy our Mother must be when Her children realize Heavenly Father and Mother and follow Them.

As her spiritual thirst was great, I visited her again in the evening and delivered the truth. Before leaving her place, I gave the Elohist to her. Tears started to roll down my face. I didn’t want to leave the sister alone. I wanted to keep studying the truth together. That was when I finally realized the heart of Mother; how She must’ve felt when we were separated in heaven, and what kind of sacrifices Mother is enduring until we return to heaven. I could feel the earnest wish of Mother who wants to meet Her children again while preaching the gospel with the heart of Mother.

When the time came for us to go back after the mission, our preaching period felt so short and I didn’t want to go back. But I had to come back to Peru to practice everything that Father and Mother taught me in Cartagena, Colombia. I give thanks to God Elohim for granting grace and mercy to this foolish child. I want to express my gratitude by practicing good deeds and delivering the gospel.

Mother, I give my sincere thanks to You for letting me participate in the mission in Cartagena, Colombia, and allowing me to realize the sacrifice and love of Heavenly Father and Mother. I will engrave Your teachings on my heart and earnestly take care of my brothers and sisters. I will also eagerly look for my lost brothers and sisters and lead them to You.