The 16th Foreign Language Bible Preaching Contest

Becoming the protagonists who will fulfill the prophecy, “Make disciples of all nations”


May 26, 2019

An event was held for the members who were preparing for the overseas preaching to keep pace with the mission of preaching to seven billion people. It was the 16th Foreign Language Bible Preaching Contest held at the Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute on May 26. This day, 6,000 Korean members, including the pastoral staff members who have the great will of the world evangelism and the 74th overseas visiting group, gathered at the Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute.

At the worship service, the first part of the event, Mother said, “Those who have faith and keep in step with the prophecy are the workers of the new covenant pleasing to God.” Mother prayed that all Her children would be able to display the glory of God with great faith enough to surprise the world. Also, pointing out the words, “Blessed are those who take to heart what is written in the Bible, as well as reading and hearing the prophecy,” Mother encouraged the participants by saying, “In order to preach the gospel to all nations as written in the Bible, languages are important along with faith. As you have prepared foreign languages with belief in the prophecy, take the lead in spreading the gospel to the whole world, clothed with the Holy Spirit, just as it was in the days of early Church” (Rev 1:3; Mk 16:15–16; Mt 28:18–20; Mt 24:13–14; Dt 28:1–6, 13).

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol gave thanks to God for allowing us to hold the Foreign Language Bible Preaching Contest 16 times so far with the members’ steady interest and participation. And he wished that all participants would have the same faith as Peter’s and the same fervor as Paul’s so that God-given language ability can be used for the valuable work of saving souls.

The second part of the contest began with Mother’s opening declaration. The atmosphere was burning with fervor. The participants from male adults with gray hair to young students were all enthusiastic at presentation though different in age and gender. The participants were divided into 249 groups and presented the truth vigorously in 26 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, Mongolian and so on. This time, the number of members participated even in the languages, which is not easy to assess, such as Bengali, Cantonese, Khmer, and Cambodian, increased greatly, which showed their wish to deliver the good news of life to every city and continent.

The overseas members joined their native tongue groups and listened to Korean participants’ sermon preaching, giving an exemplary presentation. Brother Gergely from Budapest, Hungary, said in surprise, “Hungarian is not easy to learn because of the difficulty of pronunciation and grammar. So I was much impressed by the Korean members who prepared their presentations at the level of a Hungarian native speaker.” Sister Itzel from Queretaro, Mexico, showed her great will, saying, “The fact that there is a contest for 26 languages itself is great enough. When I return to my country, I, too, will preach the gospel with all my strength just as Korean members are doing.”

While the contest was in full swing at the main hall, General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol gave a special lecture for the members who attended the language education. He planted confidence in the hearts of the participants, saying, “All things are the fruit of your plans. If you keep making efforts with a definite goal of the gospel, you can fulfill the goal completely, clothed with the power of the Holy Spirit.”

In this contest, about 60 participants were honored with awards. Mother presented the award certificates to each and every awardee, and congratulated them, holding their hands. Brother Yu Jeong-soo (Chuncheon, awardee in English language), who had prayed with tears every day, realizing his lack of language ability while preaching the gospel in the Philippines, said, “I experienced that when I relied on Father and Mother, I was given ability. I will accomplish the given mission of the gospel, earnestly asking for God’s power without being arrogant.” Sister Song Ji-ye (Bucheon, awardee in Japanese language), who majored in Japanese language at university, expressed her hope, “I practiced carefully in grammar so that the truth would not be distorted. I believe that God granted me this award to encourage me more. So I will prepare myself better and surely preach the Passover, the way to escape disasters in Japan where many disasters occur.”

At the end of the contest, Mother cheered them up, saying, “I thank you for hard preparations with the mind to follow the gospel life of Father. As Father said, ‘My sheep listen to My voice,’ preach the truth with confidence to whomever you meet.” The participants confirmed the gospel vision and plucked up their courage. Their eyes were glittering with the resolution that they would surely deliver the news of salvation to seven billion people more quickly.