Cleanup Movement for Earth Day

The Church of God Carries Out Street Cleanups and Green Area Recoveries in Peru, U.S., U.K., and Japan

April 22, 2021 262 Views

Every year, April 22 is Earth Day. This year, the Church of God members all around the world carried out environmental cleanups in each country to raise environmental awareness.

About fifty members of the Church of God cleaned the streets in Kamana and Khaimah, Arequipa, Peru. Taking every preventive measure against COVID-19, they picked up trash on the streets and removed illegal advertise on the walls and utility poles. On hearing this news, the district office of Khaimah provided cleaning tools and protective equipment for the coronavirus. The head of district Khaimah took part in the cleanup and delivered a certificate of appreciation to the church.

In the U.S., the Church of God University Student Volunteer Group, ASEZ, helped out. On April 18, forty-one members, centering on ASEZ members from University of Louisville in Kentucky, cleaned Olmsted Park by pruning branches, removing graffiti, and planting six trees in the park. In Bergen Country, NJ, forty-two ASEZ members and residents in connection with the government office collected 1 ton of trash in Elmwood Park. On April 22, Earth Day, members from Indiana-Purdue University Indianapolis [IUPUI] along with local councilors and residents cleaned South Harding Street, and about twenty people picked up about 450 kg [992.1 lbs] of trash.

Volunteer service went on even after Earth Day. On the 30th, ASEZ members from National University of Cajamarca had a cleanup. In Cajamarca, it doesn’t rain often but recently it rained for three months, which caused stone walls to collapse. Thus, ASEZ members volunteered to restore damaged green areas with the residents.

Also, the members of Church of God in Seoul and Nonsan, Korea; Yokohama and Saitama in Japan; Taichung in Taiwan; London and Manchester in U.K.; El Paso and Honolulu in U.S.; Tijuana in Mexico; and Huacho and Chimbote in Peru cleaned the environment, and a total of 630 people took part in the cleanup movement to protect the environment.