Be All the More Eager to Make Your Calling and Election Sure

1 Kings 19:19–21


A farmer is plowing with twelve yoke of oxen. Prophet Elijah, who received God’s command and has arrived there, goes up to the farmer and throws his cloak around the farmer, meaning that the farmer should respond to God’s calling. The farmer takes his yoke of oxen and slaughters them. He burns the plowing equipment to cook the meat and gives it to the people. Then he sets out to follow Elijah.

The farmer’s name is Elisha, and he is recorded as God’s prophet in the Bible.

Elisha, who strictly followed God’s will without hesitation when he was called to be a prophet, later inherited a double portion of the spirit that Elijah had and performed the will of God very well, looking after Israel in crisis.

People, who follow God wholeheartedly without looking back, no matter what positions they are put in and whatever they do, can become the protagonists to receive the power of the Holy Spirit and the eternal blessing, like the prophet Elisha, whose name is shining like the stars to this day!