January 20, 2020

How Should We Treat One Another?


God is pleased when His children are united (Ps 133:1; Php 2:1–2). However, if we are rude and inconsiderate of one another, it will be difficult to become one. Therefore, we ought to love each other, being polite and considerate, so that we can become united and please God.

Let us see how we should treat one another.

First, we should love one another by being courteous

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” Jn 13:34

God said we must love one another just as He loved us. We have become one body with God by receiving God’s flesh and blood through the New Covenant, and we have also become one body with the brothers and sisters. Therefore, we must love and care for our brothers and sisters with a sincere heart.

God explained His love, saying, “Love is not rude” (1 Co 13:4–5). Therefore, if we want to practice God’s love, we ought to be courteous toward our brothers and sisters. Whoever we meet, we should first greet them warmly, using polite words instead of slang, and have a polite attitude.

Second, we should be considerate of all members

Just as God loved us and covered us who are weak, we ought to be considerate of the members who are just starting their life of faith.

We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. Ro 15:1

The words, “Those who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak,” mean that we should consider them and take care of them. According to these words, we ought to take care of new members and the members who are young in their faith warmly (Ro 14:1–3) Also, we ought to teach them kindly what they have yet to learn, through our deeds, so that they can realize the love of God.

The thoughts, ‘You have to listen to me because I am better than you,’ or, ‘You have to accept what I say because I am older than you,’ cannot please God. The earlier we came into the truth, the more we ought to humble ourselves and love the members with a mind to serve.

There are many teachings, “Love one another,” and “Live in harmony with one another.” Following the will of God, we ought to love and serve one another politely, and also be considerate of all the members who are young in their faith, so that we will accomplish perfect unity.

Food for Thought
What are things to be careful of when we care for new members?
Let us think about what kind of manners we should have among members.