August 20, 2022

Dedication Service for Church in Moran, Church in Cheoin, and Church in Giheung, Korea

Gospel organizations shine the light of truth in local communities

South Korea


On August 20 and 27, three churches held a dedication service in two neighboring cities in Gyeonggi-do, Rep. of Korea. It is the Moran Church located in Seongnam, which has developed as an important place for housing and transportation in the metropolitan area; and the Cheoin Church and Giheung Church in Yongin, which was promoted to a special city in 2022.

Through the dedication service that was held along with the Sabbath worship of each church, Mother prayed that the temple that Father had granted them would save many souls and become a place of grace to gather our family members separated from heaven. Mother encouraged the members who had been keeping their faith despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing economic difficulties, and said, “Let’s think of heavenly Father who sacrificed Himself for us to go to heaven where there is no death or pain. Please cheer up! Let’s give hope to hopeless souls and go to heaven together, holding their hands.”

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol prayed that each church would shines the light of truth upon its neighbors and community. At the dedication ceremony of the Moran Church in Seongnam on August 20, he delivered a sermon, saying, “God who sees everything from the beginning calls out, ‘Come and receive the water of life’ in this age. Preaching God’s message powerfully is the role of the church and the will of God who has established Zion here” (Mt 24:3–7; Jer 4:5–6; Rev 22:17).

At the dedication service of the Cheoin Church and Giheung Church on August 27, he emphasized, “Those who believe and obey God’s word, which is accomplished without any fail, will be given the blessing of accomplishment of the gospel and the overflowing rewards of heaven. With the love of Father and Mother who want to save dying souls, let’s diligently preach the truth of the new covenant and present a bright future full of blessings to the 1.1 million citizens of Yongin and even to all mankind” (2 Th 1:7–9; Hos 6:3, 6; Jer 31:31–34; Ps 132:13–16; Isa 55:8–11; Mt 24:14; Isa 46:10).

Moran Church in Seongnam City

Moran Church in Seongnam City

The area where the Moran Church was established is the center of the original downtown business district in Seongnam City, which is rapidly developing. It is close to Seongnam City Hall, Moran Wholesale Market, and Seongnam Sports Complex, so it is always crowded with citizens and transportation is very convenient. The Church was built with four stories above the ground and two stories below the ground, and is expected to serve as a haven for not only the saints but also the citizens who live a busy life.

A member Neoh Wai Yoong (from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), who attended the dedication service during his visit to Korea, said, “I was happy to worship with Mother and many members in the temple. In Malaysia, where there are many branch churches, I would like to dedicate a new temple to God in unity with brothers and sisters and share the joy with them.”

Cheoin Church in Yongin City

Cheoin Church in Yongin City

In Cheoin-gu, Yongin City Hall and the Everland, which is the largest amusement park in Korea, are located. Moreover, there are Yongin Public Bus Terminal and Yongin Central Market, so tourists and the neighbors continuously come and go. There are also many university campuses such as Yongin University.

Cheoin Church stands out from a distance with its white outer wall and the central part of the church towering. In this lively area, the members are carrying out diverse volunteer activities such as cleaning streets, helping neighbors during holidays, and delivering coal briquettes to senior citizens living alone.

Giheung Church in Yongin City

Giheung Church in Yongin City

In Yongin-si which is growing rapidly, Giheung-gu’s development is remarkable thanks to a large-scale residential site development, industrial complex construction, and transportation infrastructure expansion. The Giheung Church, which was built with four stories above the ground and one floor below the ground, stands out for its three-dimensional architecture. Each floor has a cozy space like an annex, which is useful not only for cultivating the faith of the members but also as a place for communication with neighbors.

The members expressed their ambition, “Our Giheung Church in Yongin which is growing day by day, will diligently preach God’s love to the citizens and do our best to achieve the great growth of the gospel.”