Attitude toward Problems


“On a day of heavy rain, you see three people at the bus stop as you drive. One is an old man fighting for life, another is a doctor who saved your life in the past, and the other is your dream girl. If you can take only one person in your car, who would it be?”

“The old man, of course.”

“I would take the doctor who saved my life to repay him.”

“For me, the dream girl. If you miss her, you may never meet her again.”

Whatever choice you make, there’s always a good reason. However, the key to this question is not in how you solve the problem, but in your attitude. Depending on your attitude toward the same problem, you’ll get different ways to solve it. If you have a warm heart that considers everyone, you will be able to choose an inspiring and a wiser way as follows:

“I will give my car key to the doctor to take the old man to the hospital, and I will wait for the bus with my dream girl.”