Compliment and Silence


A middle-aged man who was tired of boredom every day went to a consultant for counseling.

“I am not happy with my marriage life. My relationship with my wife isn’t bad, but we don’t really have anything to laugh about.”

The consultant asked the man a few questions. He learned that the man had a stable job and good health. His wife seemed to take good care of the family, too. After hearing everything the man had to say, the consultant said,

“I see. Is your wife a good cook?”

“I sometimes like her food, and sometimes I don’t.”

“What do you do when you like her food?”

“I just eat.”

“What about when you don’t like it?”

“If it’s too salty, I tell her it is too salty. And if it’s too bland, I tell her it’s too bland.”

“Then from now on, try doing the opposite. When you like her food, tell her it’s delicious, and if you don’t like it, don’t say anything.”

Ever since the man tried doing what the consultant suggested, he no longer felt bored of his life at home.