When We, Who Are Different from Each Other, Are United

Lee Hye-gyeong from Seoul, South Korea


A sigh came out when I opened the refrigerator door. There were sesame leaves and a little bit of bean sprouts, which were left over after I cooked spicy chewy noodles; some carrots and baby vegetables, which were left over from when I cooked bibimbap; and some water parsley, crown daisy, and a cabbage. A little bit of all kinds of vegetables that were left over was taking up space on one side of the refrigerator.

After wondering how I could utilize those ingredients that would go bad if I left them in the fridge any longer, I decided to make buchimgae [Korean pancake]. It was perfect menu for the weather, for it was drizzling outside. There are many different kinds of buchimgae such as chive buchimgae, kimchi buchimgae, cabbage buchimgae, and green onion buchimgae. However, this time, it was different.

‘Crown daisy tastes bitter, and sesame leaves have a strong scent. Will they go well together? Carrots have a unique flavor, and bean sprouts taste sweet. Will they be okay together? What about water parsley and cabbage?’

I was worried because the fragrances and flavors and shapes of the vegetables were all different, but I had no choice but to use all those ingredients together to use them while they were still fresh.

First, I took all the vegetables out of the refrigerator and washed them once again. Next, I started “humbling” them; as for the strong cabbage, I blanched it in boiling water and marinated it; and I removed the strong stems of the water parsley and kept the fresh leaves only; and I sliced up the crown daisy and sesame leaves which have strong scents, and left them in the water; and then I cut the bean sprouts in an appropriate size.

I put the well-prepared ingredients together, added icy water, flour, pancake mix, peppers, and eggs. When I mixed them all together, the colorful dough looked very nice. Hoping that the saying, “What looks good also tastes good,” would apply to my buchimgae, I made it with all the efforts I could make. What do you think the result was like?

It was more than what I had expected. The crown daisy elevated the buchimgae’s quality, and the sesame leaves and the water parsley added a good scent to it. The bean sprouts added a sweet and clean taste to it, and the cabbage added crunchiness to it. And other vegetables and the carrots added pretty colors to it. Unlike my concern, a buchimgae of high quality was made. People who tasted it showed me their thumbs up, saying that it was a great taste that they had never tasted before.

All those different ingredients that didn’t seem like they would go well together were mixed and were born as a delicious dish. At this I thought that the principle of the amazing gospel work that is being done in our Church of God is like this. Before meeting God, we lived with all different personalities. However, as we gather together in Zion, we control our temper, humble ourselves, and unite with one another in God’s word. I believe that’s how such gracious results are brought forth.

I will continue to fix my weak points through the word, and be more united with the brothers and sisters. That way, I will do my best to spread the news of salvation to all mankind.