The word “banana” is derived from the Arabic word “banan,” which means “finger.” Since the fruit looks like a finger, it has got the name “banana.” Kiwi fruit, which is mass-produced in New Zealand, has also got its name because it resembles a Kiwi bird, which is the national bird of New Zealand.

It is the same with the name “Elohist”; we are called “Elohists” because we resemble Elohim inwardly, not outwardly.

‘As the saying goes, “An apple never falls far from the tree,” parents and children naturally resemble each other. The Elohists, who are reborn to be conformed to the image of God in righteousness and holiness of the truth, must resemble Heavenly Father and Mother. As the Elohists, we should have a tolerant and noble character in addition to goodness and perseverance and also should work hard for the gospel with an earnest mind, so that we can fully resemble Father and Mother in all things—even in Their sufferings for the gospel.

Let us all try to resemble the holy image of God every day so that we can be worthy enough to be called “Elohists.”