When We Look with the Eyes of Love

Park Eun-jeong from Chuncheon, South Korea


I ordered a clothes rack to organize my dressing room. The clothes rack arrived a few days later. Although I didn’t have time because of my night work, I put the rack together and started organizing the room. I wanted to finish it quickly, but I got tired when I was halfway done, and so I left it like that for several days.

One day, my husband came back home and frowned, looking at the dressing room.

“Why did you stop in the middle of organizing the dressing room? Do you feel good if the room is messy when you come home after working all day?”

In this kind of situation, normally I would say, “It could happen if I didn’t have time and didn’t feel well. Can’t you understand that?” However, strangely enough, I said something different.

“I tried, but I couldn’t finish it. I’m sorry. Please don’t feel bad about it.”

Then he didn’t say anything. If it was in the past, I would have said, “I understand you are upset, but shouldn’t you at least say anything if I apologized to you? That’s so rude.”

However, I didn’t feel upset, thinking he must’ve been really tired. His facial expression didn’t change until I left for work.

“Honey, you look very tired today. I’m sorry. I will organize the dressing room when I come back from work, so don’t worry about that. Get some rest.”

He still didn’t say anything.

When I came back home, my family was already all sleeping. I really felt like lying down right away, but I cleaned up the dressing room, not wanting to upset my husband.

After finishing organizing the dressing room, I went to the room to go to sleep. Then my husband woke up as I entered the room, and he said, “Honey, I’m sorry about what happened earlier. I said things that I didn’t really mean, because I was tired. You felt hurt, right?”

“No. I should’ve organized it sooner, but I hurt your feelings by putting it off. I’m sorry, Honey.”

Apologizing and comforting each other, we went to bed happily.

In the early morning, he woke up and took a look at the dressing room and said, “You must’ve been hurt because of what I said, but you patiently cleaned it up. I’m really moved.”

I felt a lump in my throat, hearing the word “moved” from his lips. Right at that moment, something came to my mind.

‘How much have I moved the brothers and sisters?’

One of the Teachings of Mother is “A beautiful mind has no hate, and brings forth a perfect love.” If we want to have a perfect love toward brothers and sisters, we need to understand and accept whatever they say and do. In the past, when I heard something I didn’t like, I often regarded it as nagging and responded with the same kind of words, thinking, ‘Why is she acting like that? Does she really have to act like that? I can’t understand!’ I believe that God gave me the eyes of love, the mind of love, and the mouth of love this time to let me understand what true love is because I didn’t have a perfect love.

How great will it be if I can always understand brothers and sisters with the heart of Mother, look at them with the eyes of Mother, and comfort them with the mouth of Mother? Always thinking of Heavenly Mother who takes care of this child with love, I will deliver Mother’s love to brothers and sisters.