Make a Family Cheer Song!


A song has the power to make people closer together. The sense of closeness increases while all sing along the rhythm and melody in unison. Sports supporters and marching soldiers become one in mind by chanting together.

What about a family song at home just like sports chants in the stadium and a military song in the army? Your precious family is always with you whether you are happy or sad. A family song in harmony, though imperfect, has great power in itself because the love and encouragement contained in it become infinite energy to each other.

Make a song for your family this month and sing it together, so that your home can be full of happiness along with the melody.

How to make a family song
Write the lyrics that introduce your family.
Write the lyrics about family stories such as family motto and memories.
Change the lyrics of an existing song like a children’s song, or create a melody with your family.
Make songs by situation and sing accordingly. (Wake-up song, song for the one who has come home, thank-you song, apology song, meal song, living rule song, etc.)
How to make the best use of the family song
Make rhythmical movements according to your family song.
If you have any musical instrument at home, play music together.
Record the song for your family member who is far away, or sing the song during video calls.
Set the song as your wake-up alarm.
Sing together with your family before going to bed.