Treat Your Family to Tea!


Tea is a favorite food loved both in the East and the West. To enjoy a deep taste of tea, you have to be careful in every step from preparing the tea water to steeping it in the cup. As you need time and effort to make it, you can enjoy tea if you drink slowly, savoring it.

Tea is sometimes a medium of communication among people. When you have a cup of tea, a conversational atmosphere will be naturally created, and you can get to know each other while talking.

This month, enjoy a cup of fragrant tea with your loving family. Treat your family to tea, regarding them as valued guests, and enjoy a friendly talk. Then, fragrance will be emitted from your hearts.

Prepare tea or coffee according to your family preferences.
Pour tea into the most beautiful cup at home.
Serve with some fruit or snacks.
Keep good manners while having tea.
Make your family’s favorite fruit syrup for tea and share it together.
Have a positive talk while drinking tea.
Keep your TV or smartphone away so you can focus on the conversation.
Recommend caffeine-free drinks to young children.