Finding My Friend and Heavenly Family

Kim Gyeong-ae from Ansan, South Korea


I was Chinese but naturalized as a Korean citizen. In the beginning, it was very difficult for me to accept the truth of the Church of God because I had not followed any religion for a long time. However, I had often read the Bible, thinking it was a good book, which helped me determine to believe in God. I could agree with the words the church members taught me because it was all from the Bible.

For a while after that, I couldn’t go to church because I had to go to China. Even after I came back to Korea, to be honest, I felt burdened about going to church, so I purposely avoided contact with Zion members. However, God’s words that I had learned constantly came to my mind. Up until that time, I had never lost an argument, but I couldn’t say a word against the words of God. I changed my mind, and decided to study the Bible.

The words that I learned at the church every day were amazing. The Bible was clear and precise. I was moved and inspired whenever I studied the Bible.

After realizing God the Father and Mother, I came to have a hope; I wanted to repay God for Their grace by sharing the blessing of salvation with other people. Then I ran into my friend as if it were destiny.

It was the day I came back from China after visiting my hometown with my son. There was a direct flight to come back to Korea, but to save money, I got a ticket for a one-stop flight. The place I ran into my friend was at that stop.

I saw a girl pass by me, and she looked like the daughter of my friend from my junior high school at first glance. I wasn’t sure, though; it had been so long since I saw her last. I asked my son if that was her, but he said it was too coincidental to be true. I thought I was mistaken, but then my friend passed in front of me and sat down in a chair near me. I talked to her and it was my friend from junior high school! It turned out that she lived not only in Korea, but also in the same city as mine. Although we had lived close to each other for several years, we didn’t know that.

One day felt like a month until I met her again after coming back to Korea; I wanted to deliver the good news to her as soon as possible. On the appointed day, I went to her house and delivered the truth. She seemed to be surprised. She told me later that she was amazed to see me preaching because she thought I would never attend church in my entire life.

Before, she attended a church but couldn’t find the truth, so she changed her interest to Buddhism. It had been three years since she began studying Buddhism that her family followed. When I invited her, she said, “I want to see your church,” and came. That day, she became a child of God. It was already good that I met my old friend and had a pleasant time, but she became our heavenly family! I felt like I was on top of the world.

As she obeyed the commands of God, with her gentle disposition, she grew fast in faith. She made every effort to preach to her family with a humble mind like the tax collector who always prayed, “Oh God, I am a sinner.” Later, it turned out that her daughter and her daughter-in-law were all already our Zion members. Now, my friend’s daughter-in-law is studying the Bible with her son, and my friend’s younger sister received the blessing of salvation.

It was truly God’s plan to find our lost heavenly family members by allowing me to get that ticket and run into my friend on that stop. I pray that the whole family of my friend will go to heaven, and believe that Father and Mother will answer my earnest prayer.