Give the Thumbs-Up: “My Family Is the Best!”


Praise can make even a whale dance. Praise makes the listener feel better and lift up those who are in despair. Praise is another food people eat.

“Good!” “Excellent!” “You are the best!”

If you raise your thumbs with the words of praise, the effect doubles. Sometimes, a powerful gesture of thumbs-up makes the other person more pleased than many words. Dale Carnegie said, “There is nothing more touching and moving than praise. We may soon forget how we praised someone else, but the person who was praised may keep it in his heart all his life.”

This month, praise your family generously with your thumbs up. The listeners can feel energy surging up when they are exhausted, and happiness springing up when they are joyful.

Try it in the following situations.
When the other person was considerate of you
When someone did a hard job
When you are thankful
When your family looks beautiful and cool
When you want to encourage the other person
Try these.
Send thumbs up emoticons via text messages.
Show your thumbs up through a video call or a photo.
When you want to give double praise, lift your both thumbs up.
Lift the corners of your mouth, giving your thumbs up.