Realizing God’s Love

Kang Yeon-suk from Incheon, South Korea


It was around the time when my sister attended a Protestant church. One day, she returned home with bruises all over her body. Shocked, I asked her what happened. She explained that she got the bruises from a religious ritual of the church.

‘How can the church that hurts the members be right? I’m sure there is no God!’

I came to distrust the church and made a conclusion that God does not exist. My sister too no longer attended the church.

Time went by, and my sister started attending another church named the Church of God. I could not understand at all why she would attend a church again after having such a horrible experience, and I firmly rejected her invitation to the Church.

My sister diligently led her life of faith. Because of my bad memories in the past, I kept an eye on her, but she looked cheerful and happy. She appeared to be at ease, and was considerate of other people as well. Somehow, I felt that the Church of God was different from other churches. I envied her happiness. So I too became a child of God, throwing away my stubbornness.

However, I never became like my sister. Even though I spent ten years in the truth, my faith stayed the same. Other members said that the sermon was gracious, but I couldn’t feel anything. Although the truth was right, and the Church members were upright, there was something missing in me.

When my husband was transferred to an office in India, my life of faith reached a turning point. It took more than two hours to get to the Church from home, and it was impossible to communicate with the local members due to a language barrier. Everything was tough. In an unfamiliar environment, I prayed to God for help, and involuntarily began to shed tears. It was a feeling I had never had before; it was obvious that I had never relied on God that much before.

Afterwards, I listened to sermons whenever I had time. I used to take sermons only as knowledge in Korea, but God’s words were gradually being engraved in my heart. The Bible verses such as “My Father is always at His work to this very day, and I, too, am working” (Jn 5:17) and “Because of your transgressions your Mother was sent away” (Isa 50:1) deeply touched my heart. I felt sorry to Heavenly Father and Mother who had to come to the earth because of my sins and They are still working for my salvation to this very day. I found why I had felt empty in my heart. It was because I didn’t have God’s love in me.

After returning to Korea, I made a resolution to spend the rest of my life in walking with God and I began preaching the Gospel which God is most pleased with. As I preached the Gospel, I could feel more keenly God’s love of saving mankind who is on the way to death without knowing the truth. Above all else, I wanted to deliver God’s love to my husband.

He had a tough time in India. He worked even on holidays and was exhausted all the time. One day, he even collapsed with fatigue. I hoped that he would be comforted under God’s love, but he didn’t easily open his heart. Just as I did before, he firmly denied the existence of God. But I couldn’t give up on him. Just as my hardened heart became soft under God’s love, I firmly believed that his heart would be opened, too. When he was finally carried into God’s arms, my heart fluttered and I shouted dozens of times, “Thank You, Father and Mother!”

Looking back on my past, I see that God has given me abundant blessing since I realized His love from my heart. God has constantly blessed me with fruit and allowed me to serve as a choir member. I truly give thanks to God Elohim for Their patient endurance and sincere love. I will continue to deliver the love that I have received, to the souls who need it.