A Small Good Deed, Big Touching Waves

The Brasilia Church in Brazil


The day before our cleanup, there was a heavy rain. We were worried that it was going to continue raining and make it hard for us to carry out our cleanup. However, it stopped raining and the skies were very clear the next day. We gathered at the cleanup venue with bright faces.

The Taguatinga Park is in an area with a large floating population. This probably explains why there are so many cigarettes, snack wrappers, and big and small trash from the stores in the street. We divided teams to clean around the fountain, in the flower beds, streets, etc. We picked up trash even in the parts that people couldn’t reach because they were covered with thorn bushes in the flower beds. We moved heavy wood boards and bricks that were thrown away here and there in the street, to one side, and removed all kinds of smelly trash that had been sitting around the bus stop for a long time where people always come and go. Seeing our eagerness, passengers started showing interest in us one by one.

Some people recorded us cleaning up with their cell phones and asked us what kind of church the Church of God is, and one lady who cleans the subway station near the park expressed her amazement, saying, “I’ve never seen a church that cleans like this.”

We will continue to carry out volunteer services and move our neighbors even more.