Become a Hidden Assistant of Your Family!


How will you feel if someone cares about you, pleases you, and is willing to help you when you have a hard time? You will be happy, encouraged, and reassured as well. You know that? You already have that person. It is your family.

However, you may often forget that. Even after receiving love from your family, you might not appreciate it but grumble and complain against them.

This month, rather than expecting something from your family, why don’t you become a “hidden assistant” doing good deeds secretly for your family? You will know that giving love brings greater happiness than receiving it.

Decide the mission period.
Write each name of your family members on each paper and pick one of them.
Do not tell whose name you picked.
Do one or more good things a day for the family member you selected. (Helping and caring without him or her being aware of it, smiling, treating kindly, delivering a gift or a note full of your sincerity)
After the mission period ends, guess who was your hidden assistant.
Tell three strong points of the family member who took care of you.
Share your feelings after completing the mission, and give thanks to your hidden assistant.
If you find it difficult to do the mission of the month because your family members are only two or all your family members cannot participate together, do it alone and share your thoughts with your family.