When One’s Home Is Happy, All Goes Well! Happiness Begins at Home

Do you want to be successful? Then take good care of your family first. Those who have made their families harmonious are successful people.


When people are asked what their family motto is, many people say, “When my home is happy, all goes well.” A family is the basis of society and the nation, and the starting point of one’s life. Therefore, it is a given that society can be strong and the nation stable when families are harmonious.

Secret to a harmonious family

Mr. Kim’s family always argues with each other; not even a day went by without arguments. One day, Mr. Kim tied his cow on a hill to feed him grass, but as the rein became loose, the cow ran around the whole field and ruined the crops. Mr. Kim managed to seize the cow, tied him in the stall, and yelled at his wife. “Did you feed fodder to the cow properly in the morning? Why did you make him hungry and go crazy?” When the husband scolded his wife, the wife took it out on her daughter-in-law, “What were you doing that you didn’t even see the cow going crazy while you were right by the well?” Then the daughter-in-law whose feelings got hurt blamed her husband, “Why did you leave the cow there until the rein became loose?” Then he complained to the father, “Father! If you had tied the cow tightly, none of this would have happened!” Like this, Mr. Kim’s family asked each other for responsibility and quarreled for quite a while.

A few days later, the same thing happened to Mr. Lee’s family that is famous for being harmonious. When Mr. Lee’s family saw their cow whose rein became loose, they all ran out and seized the cow together. When Mr. Kim saw this, he thought, ‘There’ll be a big quarrel among them.’ But there was no quarrel at Mr. Lee’s house. Mr. Lee said, “I am sorry. It’s all my fault. I should have tied him more tightly,” but then his wife said, “No, no. It’s all my fault, because I didn’t feed him properly. That’s why the cow tried to make the rein loose,” but then the daughter-in-law said, “No, mother! It’s my fault because I didn’t notice that the cow was running around although I was right by the well,” but then the son said, “I forgot to move the cow when he was done eating the grass, so it’s my fault.” While everybody was blaming themselves, they all began to laugh.

There is no family that has no problems. When there is a problem, if everybody says, “It is my fault,” it doesn’t become a quarrel. This is the secret to a harmonious family.

When the family is harmonious

When there is peace in your family, you can have will to do something, whether it is studying or working. In which situation do you think you can work more efficiently, when you leave home happy and go to work or when you leave home angry after having a big argument and go to work? In fact, a British professor, who studied the relationship between the conflicts with co-workers and the conflicts with family, announced the result of his research: People who have concerns about their family matters easily get irritated at work as they cannot focus on their work, and this causes a negative reaction of their co-workers, and when they go back home their conflicts with their spouses become worse.

Home atmosphere has a big influence on people, especially on the kids and teenagers. According to the report of the Huffington Post, an American online news aggregator, the probability to be overweight or to have improper eating habits, or to eat unhealthy food, is lower for the kids and teenagers who eat with their families at least three times a week. Another research also shows that the mother’s sincere care makes the children’s immune system strong. It lowers the probability to get a disease as less protein that causes infection secretes. The children who grow up, seeing their mom and dad consider each other also have stronger mental stability.

The children who have strong family bonds with their fathers are active and overcome their stress easily. It is very rare for a child in a happy family to become a troublemaker. Even if they do, they quickly turn their hearts. It’s because the children from happy families feel that they have a place to return to. The children from stable home atmosphere can study with a peaceful mind and their abilities of learning also increase.

When the home fully functions as a comfortable nest, the children can have healthy lives both physically and mentally.

The one who has succeeded in making a harmonious family is a successful person

When people are asked what the most precious thing in the world is, most people say that it is the family. Most heads of the family, who are responsible for their families, say that it is for their families that they want to make a lot of money. However, there are people who only focus on their work, saying that it is for the happiness of their families; and there are people who say that they have no time for their families and that they will spend time with their children when they become successful. However, those people are overlooking one thing that they can never bring the time back once it passes.

Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart who was one of the richest people in the world, said that he lived his life in vain. As he was always busy with his business, he didn’t have time to look after his family, and he couldn’t remember at least half of his grandchildren’s names. Can we say that he was a truly successful man?

It is not easy to catch two hares—work and family—at the same time. If you refuse to join a gathering with your co-workers because your family is waiting for you, your co-workers won’t be happy about that, and it is not easy to ask your boss to let you leave every time your child is sick. This is reality. What is important is not to forget that the family comes before anything else. When you are in an unavoidable situation where you can’t take care of your family, you have to ask them to excuse you, and you have to express your love constantly. If your family is not happy, what good is your success in society? Even if you become successful and make a lot of money, you’ll feel empty if you don’t have your family with you who can smile with you and share heartwarming conversations with you.

If you have a thought that it is okay that your family is sacrificed for the growth of your company and for your success, then change your thought. When you have your family members who welcome you when you come back from the tiring day at work, you are a happy and successful person.

A survey asked 6,946 elementary school students in Korea what the most necessary thing for happiness is, and 43.6% of them chose “a harmonious family.” When the family is harmonious, happiness follows. Reminding ourselves of the meaning of the saying, “All goes well when one’s home is harmonious,” let us cherish and love our families all the more. Then all our wishes will come true.