Be the Same Person Inside and Outside!


Some family heads are friendly to their colleagues but abrupt with their families; some wives are kind to others but blunt to their families; some children are very considerate and sympathetic to their friends, but not to their families.

Your family can be more hurt and heartbroken by the words and actions that you express without a second thought, thinking, ‘They will understand because we are family.’ This month, how about treating your family just as you do others? This doesn’t mean you should keep your distance from your family, but be polite and careful as much as you treat others. When you become the same person inside and outside, don’t you think you’ll be able to find your true self?

Treat your family as your guests.
Speak and act as if there is someone else around when you treat your family.
Don’t express to your family any negative words or actions you don’t express to others.
Don’t vent your anger you got from outside on your family.