May 20, 2020

Kindness That Changed a Robber’s Mind


It happened in New York, U.S. A young social worker ran into a robber in a lonesome place on his way home from work. The robber with a knife was a teenager. He was startled for a moment, but he took out his wallet and handed it to the young robber. The robber who snatched his wallet started to run away quickly.

The man chased after the robber who was running away and shouted, “Hey, wait! You left something behind.” The robber stopped and looked back with a strange look. The man said to the robber, “To keep it going all night, you’ll be cold, so take my coat. And I’m on my way for a dinner now. Why don’t you come with me?” The robber who hesitated at his suggestion finally went to the man’s favorite restaurant. The man treated kindly to the restaurant manager and the employees, but it seemed unfamiliar to the robber.

When the meal was over, the man said, “You have my wallet, so you pay. But, if you return my wallet, I will pay.” The robber returned the wallet, and the man gave him 20 dollars for his knife.

The teenager who would have become a robber changed his mind by one person’s kindness.