Volunteer Service! Military Members Too Join It

Ye Ji-hun from Incheon, South Korea


In the Cheolwon Zion which is near the base I’m stationed at, there are many military brothers who keep the Sabbath day with permission from their bases. I can’t be happier and more thankful to meet Zion family members I haven’t seen for a week, keep worship services together, and share fragrances of Zion.

God always strengthens our faith with the words of the water of life every week and builds up our brotherly love. One day, we started wondering what we could do to repay God for His grace and to give help to Cheolwon City where we were living. Then we decided to clean the area around the Daegyo Creek, which flows through Cheolwon. On a holiday, we, eighteen military brothers, and the members of Zion came together to conduct a cleanup, which was a very meaningful event.

Before, whenever we passed through the creek, it looked like it was maintaining its own healthy appearance of nature, but when we took a close look at it, it was suffering from old tires, food waste, and all other types of refuse. It was cold outside and there was an odor everywhere, but we picked up trash and removed refuse with good hearts and smiles. One of my comrades, who heard about the cleanup and joined us, said with joy, “I haven’t joined volunteer service in a long time. It feels great.”

As everyone worked with teamwork, over twenty 50-liter trash bags were soon filled with trash. A lot of waste that couldn’t be put in trash bags was collected as well. I could really feel the power of unity.

On the way back to the base, I felt very refreshed. The Daegyo Creek looked cleaner and more beautiful than before. This Sabbath day, I’m going to put my head together with the brothers and sisters to find how to display God’s glory next time.