May 30, 2019

My Mom Reborn as the Youth like the Dew of the Dawn

Yim Su-jeong from Gwangju, Korea


Mom hated me to go to church. When I visited her and tried to preach the truth to her even a little, she quickly pushed me to go home. When I preached to her over the phone, she hung up on me. When I took courage to invite her to church, she vent her anger on me, saying, “Why waste time and energy?” I burst into tears. Regardless of the religion, I tried to do my best as her child, but her heart remained hard.

It was when my mother-in-law stayed at my place because she fell. Both my mom and mother-in-law were suffering from illnesses and accidents in their old age. Seeing them, I was eager to preach the good news of the kingdom where there is no pain and sorrow. My mother-in-law had not even wanted me to mention the word, “church,” but she listened carefully to the words of God; maybe she was terribly bored while staying inside all day long. I bought the Bible in large print and explained the truth to her in detail.

She understood the truth but could not easily accept it because she cared about what other family members might think. I couldn’t give up, seeing her getting weaker day by day. I earnestly asked her to keep the Passover that contains the blessing of salvation. Then she made a decision. She wanted to believe in God whom her daughter-in-law believes in, and kept the Passover with me.

After my mother-in-law became our Zion family member, I thought of my mom all the more. I prayed earnestly and went to see her again. She looked somehow different because she was tired, taking care of my father after his cancer operation. I studied the Bible with her for two hours, which I had never expected.

Her dream was even more surprising. She dreamed that people were climbing up one after another the ladder that came down from heaven. When it was her turn, she went up the ladder and stood in front of a brilliant door. But she could not enter because her name was not found in a book. She was very anxious and that was when she woke up from the dream. When she studied the Bible about the Book of Life, she said, “That place must be heaven,” and received the truth.

She liked to study the Bible for a long time; when she learned the words of God from one of our members, I got tired just with helping her find the Bible verses. She read the Truth Books carefully, and arrived at the church before anyone else on the Sabbath days.

When the Passover was getting near, she incessantly told the truth to my little brother through phone calls and text messages. He told me why I took my mom to church and made her bug him. But he seemed to be surprised by her change since she used to object to my belief. Her change motivated my little brother to receive a new life at a Zion near to where he lived.

My mom delivered the gospel to my father; she said the greatest present she could give to her family was to go to heaven together. My dad didn’t respond at all, just like she had done, for months. On a Sabbath day, however, something unexpected happened—he found the way to the church and came by himself. He said the church looked bright because all the members were kind, and received the blessing of salvation gladly. He even kept the service.

My mom kept her Bible close to her all throughout the Sabbath days, and now she practices the sermon preaching all day long. She used to have the heart of stone but now she has changed greatly. It’s just amazing. The words of God, “In its time, I will do this swiftly,” seem to have been realized in my family, too.

Nowadays, she makes me ruminate on the meaning of the youth like the dew of the dawn. She’s old physically, but young spiritually. To me, she is the true dew of the dawn. With my mom, who has been reborn as the youth like the dew of the dawn, I’ll sincerely prepare the greatest present for the rest of my family.