August 13, 2019

Mother Bird’s Maternal Love

Nir Kaji Pakhrin from Kathmandu, Nepal


While I was plucking out bean stalks in a vegetable garden with my wife, I found a bird’s nest. It seemed that there was only the nest, so we thought nothing of it and threw it away with the bean stalks. But while I was working, I was surprised to find a baby bird near my legs. In haste, I wrapped the baby bird in my hands, and when I looked around again, I saw another baby bird nearby. Just to be sure, I looked around here and there, and I found another baby bird at some distance.

Just then, I suddenly remembered the bird nest that we had thrown away with the bean stalks. I gathered the baby birds, and I went to find the nest I had thrown away. Thinking that I might not be able to find the nest, I was so worried. Fortunately, I found the bird nest and was delighted. I carefully put the baby birds in the nest and placed the nest in a nearby tree. Then I watched the baby birds from a distance. Soon after, the mother bird came to the garden with food in its mouth and went around the bean stalks to find its babies. Since the location of the nest changed, it seemed hard for the mother bird to find the nest. Being unable to remain a mere spectator, I placed the nest in between the bean stalks. Then again, I kept my eyes on the birds from a distance. After a while, the mother bird found the baby birds and began feeding them one by one. Looking at the mother bird take care of its babies made me feel gratified. I was glad when the mother bird was pleased to find the baby birds.

After I returned to my room, I was talking with my wife about the bird, but then the mother bird suddenly showed up at the window. It seemed to me that the mother bird was keep trying to tell me something. I told my wife that it seemed as if the mother bird was expressing its gratitude. However, the mother bird continued to chirp and busily flied around the window. I felt that its behavior was somehow strange, and all of a sudden, I thought maybe not all of the baby birds in the nest were found. The mother bird’s gesture was so desperate, so I went looking for the rest of the baby birds. Carefully looking through the pile of bean stalks that I threw away, I finally found a baby bird at the very bottom. With a glad heart, I put the baby bird in the nest.

Looking at the mother bird’s desperate action asking for help to find the lost baby, I was reminded of Heavenly Mother’s heart. How worried would our Heavenly Mother be about the lost children who are not found yet? I truly give thanks to Heavenly Father and Mother for letting me understand Their hearts through the mother bird’s profound love towards its babies. Since I realized Heavenly Mother’s desperate heart towards Her youngest children, I resolve to find my lost brothers and sisters with all my might and bring them back into Mother’s arms.