Mother’s Voice


Babies like their mother’s voice. Even while they are crying, they stop right away when they hear their mother’s voice; they move their arms and legs at their mother’s singing or make a similar sound to the singing. There is a certain reason why they respond to their mother’s voice.

Functional units and sensory organs of the human body are formed in the womb. It is the organ of hearing that is developed first, and babies are most sensitive to their mother’s voice. That is because their mother’s voice is imprinted on them as they listen to their mother’s voice and move to its vibration from the womb.

This is not only the case for humans. Baby birds who have just hatched from their eggs can also recognize their mother through the sound imprinted on them.

In this age, the good news of salvation is spreading all over the world: That is the voice of Jerusalem Mother, which is imprinted deep in the spirits of the heavenly children. Listening to the voice of Mother, Her children from all nations are gathering together into Her arms one after another, just as baby chicks follow their mother, saying, “chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp,” when she calls out to them, “bwak, bwak, bwak, bwak.”

Children of Jerusalem Mother from all nations are gathering together into the arms of Mother after listening to Her voice imprinted on their hearts.