March 26, 2019

Mother’s Love Only for Her Children

Philadelphia, PA, U.S., Maxwell Rothstein


One day, I was having lunch with my grandfather, and we were discussing the most important thing in relationships. I mentioned communication as something I thought was important, and then he told me an old story:

Before my dad was born, my grandparents had another son. He was born brain-dead, and the doctor told my grandfather that he would live only a day or a week or two weeks at most. My grandfather’s biggest concern was how it would break my grandmother’s heart to see her son die like this, and he wanted her to avoid the pain. So he made a decision, without consulting her, to send the newborn off to an institution far away. Afterwards, he could see my grandmother becoming more distant from him. He thought she was resentful that he had sent her son off, but still he did not want her to face the pain of seeing her son die.

But then the institution that he had put the boy in closed down, and the boy was transferred to another location only six minutes away from their home. Thinking this could not be a coincidence, my grandfather started to go see him on his own. The boy was barely hanging on, despite the efforts made by my grandfather to take care of him.

One day, my grandfather came home and opened the front door. My grandmother was standing firmly at the front door and said, “I’m going to see my son, and you cannot and will not stop me.” At that moment, she stormed out of the house and went to the institution. My grandfather ran and followed her there.

From that time on, they went there to take care of their son every day. Even though their son could not do anything on his own, it was the greatest joy in my grandmother’s life to be with her son. My grandfather said she has never been as happy and joyful as she was at that time. Miraculously, through the love of my grandmother who was always right by her son’s side, the child lived eighteen years.

After the story, my grandfather said to me, “Communication is very important in relationships, but your grandmother and I became one through our son and through our love for the son.” This story made me realize the great love of our Heavenly Mother and the mind of our Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father loves Heavenly Mother so much that He concerns not only about us but also about Her happiness and comfort. He was willing to sacrifice Himself to let Her avoid feeling any pain. But our Heavenly Mother cannot live without Her children; She is filled with love cares for us. Nothing can stop our Heavenly Mother from loving us. Mother doesn’t care if we are disabled, slow, or lacking. Her greatest joy is just to be with us. She came to this earth to be with us and to save us. Through Her love, we have life through Her sacrifice, we are healed.

Our Heavenly Father and Mother are most important in our lives. Realizing the love of God Elohim, today I want to make a resolution: I will make every effort to take our Mother home where Heavenly Father is. Looking forward to the day when will be filled with eternal happiness and laughter with our Father and Mother in heaven, I will work in unity with brothers and sisters and finish our mission on this earth.