My Sweet Home


What would it taste like if you describe love with taste? Koreans often liken affectionate glance to honey dripping eyes. And just like honeymoon and sweet home, when comparing love and happiness with taste, it is often expressed in sweetness. Actually, sweet means pleasant in many languages.

Adequate sugar calms your mind and makes you feel better. This is because sugar triggers the release of serotonin, the hormone that is released when you feel happy.

Give your family sweetness this month in a variety of ways. Your home will be sweet home.

Speak in a sweet and soft voice.
Look at each other with eyes full of love.
Say what makes the other person feel better just by hearing
(e.g. “I love you,” “Thank you,” “Good job,” etc.)
Greet with a sweet smile.
Make a comfortable bed for a sweet dream.
Serve honey water that is good for relieving fatigue.
Serve healthy fruit or juice.
Present a sweet-scented air freshener.