Normisha Boyd from Salem, OR, U.S.


Over a month ago, a little girl kept on following us while we were preaching. When we delivered the word of God to others, she listened closely. I thought, ‘Why is she following us?’ Moments later, we approached the apartment complex where she lived. She then ran ahead of us, yelling, “Mom, mom!” Again I thought, ‘Is she trying to hinder us?’

Then her mom came towards the door as if she was expecting us. We shared with her that Heavenly Mother came to the earth to give us salvation, and she invited us into her home to my amazement. Though we had little time, we shared with her about the Second Coming Christ and Heavenly Jerusalem Mother.

Like this, Whitney and her youngest daughter Annanita began to keep the commands of God since then. Even after studying much truth, Whitney delayed receiving baptism. However, her 8-year-old daughter Annanita wanted to be baptized. With the permission of her mom, Annanita received the blessing of a new life first. I was worried, thinking, ‘She is young! How can she possibly take care of her faith all alone?’

Sister Annanita, though young, has a beautiful and bright spirit. She always expresses her thanks to God and follows the heavenly customs. Through her much prayer and eager encouragement, her mom Whitney and older sister Stacey received the blessing of a new life in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! Sister Annanita’s good example moved the heart of her family.

I realized through this that I must remove my own thought and completely put my trust in God in doing the gospel. I give thanks once again to Heavenly Father and Mother for showing much grace upon me though I am not worthy and for allowing us to find our lost heavenly family members.