The Flames Will Not Set You Ablaze

Celine Dharshana Solomon from Setapak, Malaysia


Around five o’clock in the early morning when everybody in my family was sleeping, a loud sound like a car crash woke me up.

While I was still half asleep, something like a gunshot was heard. Fully awake, I woke up my husband. On the outside, I heard a few gunshots and people screaming and a motorcycle zooming. It became more and more chaotic.

My husband and I were so confused, not knowing what was going on outside. My husband said, “There must be a fight outside. You might witness a scary scene. Never go outside.”

Soon after, we heard people coming towards our yard. I was scared; some people might be surrounding our yard to harm us. My mom too woke up while all those things were going on.

While holding our breath in the dark, we heard something like explosion and something breaking. I couldn’t wait anymore, so I carefully opened the gate.

As soon as I opened the door, we froze there. A huge fire was coming towards our house. All I could imagine in that moment was death; I had never seen a blazing fire within ten meters.

“Fire! It’s coming! Quick!” shouted my husband urgently.

We quickly grabbed important documents and belongings, and came outside with my mom who needed help to walk. The fire had completely surrounded our neighbors’ houses.

The fire spread very quickly to the tree in our front yard. What was next to it was my house made of wood; it was obvious what was going to happen afterwards.

“We’re done for!”

Disheartened, I lost strength in my legs and collapsed right there.

“Our house will be burned, too.”

My husband’s voice was full of despair. There was no hope; the fire was getting closer to the electric wire and our neighbor’s gas tanks.

However, my mom’s reaction was different.

“Don’t worry. Heavenly Father and Mother will protect us and our house!”

My mom’s confident voice helped me pull myself together. While waiting for the fire truck, I eagerly prayed to God that the fire would not spread anymore.

The firefighters arrived and started to put out the fire, but they needed more help. My hands shook with the surging fear. But my lips were saying to my husband, “Father and Mother will save us and all our belongings.” Fortunately, more fire trucks arrived, and the fire was completely put out at around seven in the morning. The last flame to be put out was in front of our house. My husband said in surprise, “I never thought our house would survive from such a huge fire.”

We went inside the house at around 8 a.m., thinking there might be some damages that would need some repairs. So we went to the kitchen which was closest to the neighbors’ houses that had been burned. However, not only the kitchen but nowhere in our two-story house had any sign of fire. Our house had no damage although it was such a big fire the news even broadcast.

We recalled what we had witnessed for a few hours. We remembered how huge the fire was. However, the fire only stayed outside of our fence. The fire burned down six of our neighbors’ houses, but not ours.

People might say that it happened by chance, but we know that Heavenly Father and Mother protected us through the power of the Passover. We truly give thanks to God for protecting my family and house from the great disaster. We will be living witnesses of Heavenly Father and Mother and of the miracle of the Passover.