May 23, 2019

Parental Love

Jo Eun-jin from Changwon, Korea


I always thought my son was a little kid, but he is already a lot taller than I am now. It’s still vivid when he was a lovely little kid whom I could embrace, but now I can be embraced by him.

I’m happy that he’s grown, but sad at the same time because I know I am not everything to him anymore. When he was a kid, he would burst out into tears whenever I wasn’t right next to him, and he said that he could never live without me. However, as he grew up, he started sharing his interests with his friends, and looked for me less and less. I thought about how much he thought about me now, but soon I gave up thinking about it. Anyway, the love between parents and their child is more from the parents to the child than from the child to the parents. Thinking about it doesn’t help but only makes me feel a bit bitter.

I was like that, too, though. I often behaved the way my mom didn’t want me to do. When I was a student who should focus on studying, I enjoyed reading some unimportant books, and at one point, I was into sending my stories to radio music channels. This was not all. I can’t even list all the things that hurt my mom.

At that time, my mom was concerned about me, but I felt like she was just meddlesome. I also felt frustrated with myself for not being good enough for her, and often said things that hurt her feelings needlessly.

“This is how much your daughter can do. What do you want me to do? I can’t do any better, so just leave me alone!”

I still remember what I said to my mom carelessly. How would I feel if my son said those things to me? Come to think of it, I was really an immature daughter.

My mom could have just given up on me, who fell short of her expectations, and enjoyed her life, but her only concern was me. She only cared about me, and lived for me.

Parents give love to their children, knowing that they can never receive it back. This is the parental love. I believe that one thing children can do at least to pay it back is to understand their moms’ mind; because a child who understands the genuine heart of his mom who only wishes him to do well won’t worry her at least.

There is the reality of the great love that human mothers show on this earth. Our God the Mother who only wishes for salvation of the heavenly children is its reality.

Heavenly Mother said, “All My concern is about you.” This touches our hearts, especially the hearts of the moms who have an experience of raising their children. Heavenly Mother has given us everything She has, but She wants to give us more and more. The heart of Mother comes down as a timely rain on the barren hearts of the children, and it makes our dry eyes teary.

I will never worry Mother anymore by doing things that make me distant from salvation. This must be one thing I can do at least to repay for Mother’s love which started from the beginning of the universe.